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Do you run a business in the automotive sector and have several open positions for automotive mechanics? Find the best automotive mechanic through WorkForce. 

We are a reliable partner for car companies and garage parks looking for motivated and qualified skilled workers. WorkForce offers you the choice of a wide range of skilled workers with the guarantee of a quick start and a flexible notice period. Need an automotive mechanic fast? Take contact with us.


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Our successful collaborations

Hire experienced auto mechanics for repair and maintenance

Auto mechanic immediately employable

An automotive mechanic specializes in maintaining and repairing all kinds of cars. Does your fleet have a lot of passenger cars or trucks waiting for maintenance and repair? Cease your search for a specialist for maintenance cars and arrange for an automotive mechanic through our agency. We have several skilled workers on offer.

Moreover, automotive mechanics are quick to deploy and this definitely benefits your maintenance trucks and passenger cars. The sooner people can get on the road safely, the better that is for everyone! WorkForce links you to the best professional for your open job.

Outsource fleet maintenance to experienced automotive mechanics

What work does an automotive mechanic perform?

An automotive technician performs all kinds of work on a daily basis. An automotive technician from WorkForce deals with:

  • Maintain all kinds of rolling stock;
  • Detect and resolve electrical and mechanical faults in cars;
  • Perform repairs and inspections on trucks and passenger cars;
  • Making vehicles safer on the road;
  • Discuss any problems or next steps with vehicle owners.

Need an extra pair of hands and eyes for the automotive sector? Thanks to WorkForce, find a suitable automotive mechanic for open vacancies and request our no-obligation rates to.

WorkForce: provider of jobs in automotive sector

Hiring a freelance automotive technician for this reason

At WorkForce, we are always looking for jobs in the automotive sector for automotive mechanics. This is why you choose our skilled workers:

  • We offer appropriate training to every automotive technician;
  • We match you only with experienced and qualified automotive mechanics;
  • We also have a capable automotive mechanic available for your open position;
  • We assure you a quick start and flexible notice periods.

Need to quickly hire an automotive mechanic because of a spike in your workload or downtime due to a permanent employee? Pick up the phone and rule through WorkForce A truck mechanic or mechanic passenger cars.

Quickly book an automotive technician?

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Optimal fleet maintenance is of great importance and this is only possible through the use of reliable and expert automotive mechanics. Don't want to hire permanent employees, but do you want to manage a peak? How nice is it to have a freelance automotive mechanic to be hired for an agreed period of time?

WorkForce offers this opportunity and is therefore happy to engage with you. We assure you of expert knowledge in overdrive! We also offer professionals for the industryinstallation and construction. In short: send WorkForce a message by e-mail or discuss your needs over the phone with one of our advisors.

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