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Industrial electrician: going against the grain

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Industrial electrician wanted? WorkForce has the solution for you! We have been a loyal partner in both industrial and residential electrical work for businesses.

An experienced electrical contractor provides relief and lighting for every branch within industrial electricity. This way, you can rest assured that the machines in the factory hall will keep running.

WorkForce is happy to add an experienced force to your team. Therefore, find an industrial electrician through our office that fits your needs perfectly!

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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Industrial electrician needed? WorkForce offers the solution!

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Industrial electricians from WorkForce can be called in for machine wiring, power wiring and installation of general, electrical applications. An industrial electrician therefore provides the solution when taking care of new industrial electrical installations. Replacing and optimizing electrical installations is also part of the work performed by a WorkForce industrial electrician. In short: installing, (dis)assembling, renewing, expanding and keeping electrical technology operational, an industrial electrician does it all! Contact us today contact with us!


What are the duties of an industrial electrician?

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With an industrial electrician from WorkForce, you are choosing:

  • An experienced worker who reads schematics, floor plans and work assignment sheets without difficulty;
  • An expert versed in the assembly of gutter and support systems, the laying of cables and pipes as well as the installation of industrial electrical components;
  • An electro mechanic who acts correctly on installations thanks to VCA and HW certificates;
  • An industrial electrician fully equipped with the right materials and tools of the highest standard.

Is a few extra hands more than welcome in your industrial electrical engineering business? Call on a service technician electricity through WorkForce! Our professionals are punctual at your sites across Belgium and have an excellent work ethic. Discover our rates!


What are the benefits of outsourcing industrial electricians?

Industrial electrician for any project

Partnering with an industrial electrician from WorkForce guarantees success. What benefits does an industrial electrician bring you?

  • You choose a reliable and qualified electrical contractor;
  • In addition to theoretical knowledge, the executive expertise of an industrial electrician is also thick;
  • An outsourcing electrician can be used for small and large projects;
  • Optimal support for your project in industrial electronics;
  • Complete relief from WorkForce so your focus is entirely on the work an industrial electrician performs in the electrical engineering industry.


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Need an industrial electrician urgently and don't want any financial surprises? Thanks to an electrician from WorkForce, you always know where you stand. Everything is taken care of by us down to the last detail, so you can entrust the follow-up process to WorkForce with peace of mind. 

In addition to industrial electricians, we have many other specialists on hand. Industrial mechanics, maintenance technicians or industrial operators, WorkForce has for each industrial issue an appropriate solution. Please take contact with us to discuss your needs?


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Maris is an energetic family business that grew from a local electrical contractor to an international player with three core activities: electrical engineering, security and smart technology. They specialize in design, installation and maintenance of electrical installations.

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Jan Van Bavel

Managing Director EP Techniques"WorkForce's technicians are the benchmark for my Belgian technicians in terms of commitment and knowledge. They always have a positive attitude and do their work with passion."

Sven Bos

Managing Director Dymotec"Working with WorkForce provides added value through the flexible deployment of their quality workforce and this according to the projects and our needs. Another strength of Workforce is their administrative organization which allows us to focus on project execution. A partnership with WorkForce gives us the opportunity to greatly expand our team of technicians in the short term as if they were our own people."