We are WorkForce

Our plan: to become number one in international recruiting. That's quite a big plan. And we need you to help us achieve it.

  • Remote or at the office in Antwerp or Ghent, it's your (Zoom) call.
  • You set your agenda. For meetings, for where you want to go, for time with your love.
  • Moving forward. No long drawn out processes and corporate processes.
  • You don't work for us, you work with us. Giga cliché, yes. And we mean it.

WorkForce is an international recruitment agency for industrial profiles that we outsource to companies in Belgium.

In Dutch: for bottleneck occupations from here we find talent from across the border.
Those we give a job to be proud of and a place to live.

'The Men', that's what we call them. Men with skills. Men with hands. Men with plans, too. We help make their plans come true and Help companies fill vacancies at the same time who as 'difficult profile' are bookmarked.

And we want to be the best at that.

After all, why should "excel" be a dirty word?

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About pennies and statutes

We work with freelancers and permanent employees. Anyway: no one-night stands. Our people stick around for a long time, and that's the way we like it.

If you freelance, you extract honor and nice gross/net rate. If you come permanent, you choose how to put together your pay package. Either way, we always pay above the industry average.

We are looking for HR Professionals!

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