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Does your company operate within the construction industry and urgently need masons due to multiple masonry projects? 

When looking for a mason, contact WorkForce as we are a loyal outsourcing partner for construction companies. Our masons are employable for all phases in (new) construction or renovation projects. 

Is the need high and are you in danger of not meeting deadlines due to downtime due to sick employees? Contact us and directly arrange the right metser through outsourcing. We will be happy to help you on your way!

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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A mason for all your masonry needs

Experienced and reliable masons

A capable team of professionals is indispensable during masonry work. Are you lacking experienced workers but unable to recruit a mason yourself at short notice? WorkForce makes it easy for you, because we have a unique talent pool of experienced and qualified masons. 

They work smoothly with existing masons, but at the same time are very independent. Naturally, they offer excellent quality, as all masons are selected by WorkForce to work accurately. Furthermore, our masons have their own transportation. Expect these early birds to arrive at your yard very early! Would you like more information? Feel free to contact with us. 


What work does a mason perform through outsourcing?

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In your search for masons, you prefer to count on certified professionals. This assures you of quality masonry work. What work does a WorkForce mason perform and what can you count on?

  • Masonry structural masonry for new construction and renovation projects;
  • Independent placement of formwork;
  • Jointly and independently perform all kinds of masonry work;
  • Mastering various masonry techniques;
  • Carefully performing masonry work is in our masons' blood!

Is your construction project deadline looming? The best mason for your job books you online through WorkForce!


Outsourcing mason hiring through WorkForce

What does it get you?

Your search for a driven mason wanted ends at WorkForce. Hiring an outside mason provides attractive benefits:

  • Outside masons often bring additional knowledge and experience;
  • You entrust the selection of professionals to the expertise of WorkForce;
  • Freelance mason can be hired for temporary jobs, beneficial during peak periods or downtime due to sick professionals;
  • Mason you book through us is immediate and flexible.

Enthusiastic? Contact WorkForce and schedule an appointment directly with one of our consultants or inquire about our no-obligation rates.


Mason wanted, WorkForce offers the solution!

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Masons are crucial in completing a construction project. Thanks to WorkForce, you are never at a loss for words. We have several professionals available for you, too, who are eager to get to work. 

In addition to a mason, you can also book a cabinetmaker, bekister, builder or other professionals. Need the right people quickly to complete a job successfully? Book a mason directly through the website or discuss your preferences with WorkForce.