About the client

EnergyKing wants to use technology to bring cheap, renewable and inexhaustible energy within as many people's reach as possible. They design systems that convert sunlight into electricity, or they extract heat from the environment to put into your home. At the same time, they are trying to drastically reduce your energy bills.

The question

EnergyKing needed immediately deployable refrigeration technicians to install air conditioning during the busy summer months. WorkForce deployed 3 skilled tradesmen who immediately joined their teams.

Our solution

WorkForce likes to invest in education and training and took this opportunity to have our technicians take additional courses. This is how they obtained the certificate of competence in refrigeration technology category 1. The immediate employability and experience are some great strengths of our professionals. This allowed EnergyKing to have them always work in duo with their own refrigeration technicians. The communication between them runs smoothly in English and Dutch. After a week everyone was settled in and had mastered the technical jargon.

On top of that, we take care of all the administrative hassle and our Account Manager is always available for all possible questions and last-minute changes from the client. Our back office takes care of everything so that it is clear to the workmen and EnergyKing what is expected and what the agreements are.

Tobe Van Rompaey
"WorkForce is a reliable long-term partner; they got us out of a jam quickly with skilled refrigeration technicians. On top of that, the technicians are certified in refrigeration. The men work everything to perfection and have an excellent work mentality, they often do more than what is asked of them. With work forces from competitor companies, it often takes a little longer to find them."
Tobe Van Rompaey, Project Leader at EnergyKing

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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