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You have work, but not enough workers? Construction workers for your project books you easily and quickly through WorkForce. We are a reliable outsourcing partner for construction and contractor companies. The construction industry therefore knows how to find us whenever there is a need for extra manpower during busy periods.

Peaks cannot always be met with permanent workers, because construction is also characterized by deep valleys. It is not always busy and permanent employees depress profits. The solution is therefore within reach: outsourcing thanks to the use of WorkForce.


Our successful collaborations

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Our successful collaborations

Reliable construction workers for the period you need them

Our construction workers are immediately employable

Need skilled construction workers or (Polish) construction workers to help you out? Domestic and foreign skilled workers freelance for construction you book with WorkForce. Through us you arrange a construction worker for the period in which they are needed. You have the work and we have the workers!

Every construction worker you hire through us is immediately employable. So don't be afraid that a project will come to a standstill. Together with you, we will look for the best construction worker for your new construction or renovation project. Contact us contact on with one of our advisors!

What work do construction workers perform?

A construction worker is versatile

Our construction workers specialize in a variety of jobs, including:

  • Building and renovating homes and commercial properties;
  • Installing kitchens, bathrooms and toilets;
  • Renovating stairwells;
  • Plastering walls and ceilings;
  • Installation of partition walls;
  • Performing demolition work;
  • Replacing or repairing electrical installations.

Need qualified construction workers to complete the above jobs for you? Book Your freelance construction professionals through WorkForce.

Construction worker wanted?

Recruit suitable construction workers through WorkForce

Hiring or recruiting construction workers or Polish construction workers? Arrange it easily via WorkForce and take advantage of the benefits below:

  • Outsourcement construction workers are the ideal solution for temporary work or special projects;
  • There is always a great supply of experienced professionals;
  • Construction workers are immediately available, which means any deadline of your project will not be jeopardized;
  • Hiring construction workers is an attractive option when permanent employees are down due to illness or a job elsewhere;
  • Outsourcement construction workers are more economical than hiring permanent workers.

Foreign workers construction needed?

Book construction worker and other trades at WorkForce instantly

Need a construction worker quickly because of a busy period or a special construction project or wish to hire foreign workers? Arrange the best construction workers through WorkForce. We assure you of construction workers who really understand their trade and for that reason deliver quality work.

WorkForce offers a suitable solution for different profiles in the construction industry. For example, through us you can book a cabinetmakerall-round construction workerbekister or mason. Moreover, you can also contact us for technical profiles in the installationindustry and automotive sector. Enthusiastic about the possibilities WorkForce offers? We see your message or phone call with interest!

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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