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About the client

Installation company Verheyden is located in Essen and is managed by Rudi and Frank Verheyden. The company has been a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling systems since 1965. True HVAC professionals with an eye for the customer.

The question

All over the country, Installation Company Verheyden performs a variety of HVAC jobs. Limburg, Antwerp, Wallonia, ... the work was increasing and so Verheyden knocked on WorkForce's door for plumbers. The ties between Managing Director Rudi Verheyden and Managing Partner of WorkForce, Alexander Beerts have been strong for 10 years, so the choice was quickly made.

Our solution

"If my site supervisors are content, so am I," Rudi attests. "In addition, it is also crucial for me that they are steelmen who really care about their work. There are also men who say, 'Salut, I'm going home' at the stroke of 4 p.m. A stielman who doesn't care about his work is not a good stielman to me. At WorkForce, they really do have a heart for their work and listen carefully to what you ask them. That's nice working together."

Rudi Verheyden

"Our bond of trust with WorkForce is still growing; that trust is a continuity. We can always count on each other."

Rudi Verheyden, Managing Director at Verheyden

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