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Looking for an industrial mechanic or outsourcing technicians mechanical engineering? WorkForce has been working for years as a loyal outsourcing partner at industrial manufacturing companies and that's why we are happy to provide you with a mechanic that fits your needs!

A WorkForce mechanic is equipped with our own equipment of the highest standard, is punctually present at your sites all over Belgium and finally has an excellent work mentality. The ideal solution if your company needs temporary or structural extra capacity in the workshop.

Thanks to outsourcing mechanical engineering technicians, you respond flexibly to the demand for mechanical expertise. Which mechanical technician do you prefer?

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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The preventive and curative maintenance of your plant and machinery - that is the mission of a WorkForce mechanic. A WorkForce mechanic takes charge of the various components, checks them and replaces them if necessary. Our mechanics thrive in a pleasant production environment with both new and older machines, accomplishing every challenge smoothly and accurately. A mechanic from WorkForce therefore has the necessary mechanical expertise, has a broad knowledge of materials and possesses the appropriate pneumatic and hydraulic know-how. Contact us!


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A mechanic specializes in solving all kinds of problems. With a mechanic from WorkForce, you choose:

  • A mechanic versed in hydraulics, pneumatics, and electrical and industrial installations;
  • A specialist in mechanical and electrical maintenance of all kinds of machinery, including lubrications, overhauls, bearing replacement, conventional turning-freezing and welding;
  • An expert in machinery repair in an industrial environment and the smooth commissioning of new machinery;
  • A mechanic who excels at troubleshooting all kinds of malfunctions, including locating and eliminating mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic failures

Our mechanic technicians like to live out their lives in a varied technical environment and, after a familiarisation period, are happy to be given more responsibilities. Whatever your need, WorkForce has the right professional for you!
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Why you should hire a WorkForce mechanic

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Hiring a mechanic through WorkForce provides you with a variety of attractive benefits:

  • Temporary or structural support during peak periods in an industrial environment;
  • Specialists with sufficient knowledge, skills and materials that allow complex maintenance and repair work to be carried out carefully;
  • Dedicated professionals who help reduce workload;
  • There is a mechanic available for any job or project.

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Do you need a mechanic at short notice to give you maximum support in performing various tasks? For a mechanic wanted, you are in the right place at WorkForce. 

In addition to a mechanic, we have other technical specialists on offer for the industry, including maintenance technicians, welders, industrial electricians and refrigeration engineers. Therefore, cease your search for a mechanical technician or other professional, fill out the form in on the website or take telephone contact with us!