Hygienic wall protection in Lokeren

About the client

For 23 years, Polysto has been ensuring safety and hygiene in the food and pharmaceutical industry from Lokeren. They are a leading European manufacturer and supplier of hygienic wall protection such as bumper posts, edges and plinths.

The question

Manufacturing quality wall protection requires a tight production process. Polysto works with both plain concrete and polyester concrete. This is poured, ground to but and then coated into a perfect liquid-proof wall. Working safely and being aware of the risks is a must at Polysto. So they were looking for additional technicians with an eye for safety for their production.

Our solution

To keep production running at full capacity, two all-round technicians from WorkForce joined the Polysto team. "The men from WorkForce are very willing, we are definitely satisfied," testifies Gerdy Van der Eecken, Quality & Safety Manager and Prevention Advisor at Polysto. "They know how to communicate well and are versatile. In addition, I also enjoy working with the Project Managers at WorkForce, that goes without saying."

Gerdy Van der Eecken
"Working with both the technicians, and the project managers at WorkForce is very smooth, which makes my job a lot more enjoyable."
Gerdy Van der Eecken, Quality Manager at Polysto

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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