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Hiring a technical professional? The recruitment and selection of your technical staff is in good hands at WorkForce. After all, recruiting technical profiles is what our technical recruitment agency excels at!

We put the right person in the right place without you having to search endlessly for suitable professionals. Thanks to our expertise, smart tools and more than 25 years of experience, we know exactly what you need.

That's why you entrust recruitment and selection of technical staff to the recruiters at WorkForce.

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What does recruitment and selection of technical staff entail?

Direct and indirect recruitment and selection of technicians

We divide recruitment and selection of technical personnel into direct and indirect. For both direct and indirect recruitment and selection of technical personnel you can call on WorkForce. Does recruitment and selection of technical staff appeal to you? Pick up the phone and book an interview now with one of our specialists!

  • In direct recruitment of technical staff, we will meet with you for an introduction. Are you convinced after this introduction? Make use of direct recruitment of technical personnel and offer the employee a contract directly with your organization.
  • In indirect recruitment and selection of technical staff, you choose an interim after the introductory interview and offer an employee a contract after a trial period. This is an attractive alternative when you are unsure about the right range of tasks, but also when you are unsure about a specialist.
Recruitment & Selection

What are the benefits of recruiting and selecting technical staff?

Discover the added value of a technical recruitment agency

Entrusting recruitment and selection of technical personnel to a technical recruitment agency provides several advantages. WorkForce lists them for you below.

  • You outsource the entire recruitment process and this allows you to concentrate on your core business;
  • Attracting capable, reliable and professional staff is essential to the success of your business. For this reason, you outsource identifying talented workers to a specialized recruitment agency;
  • Filling technical vacancies is something we enjoy doing every day at WorkForce;
  • A technical recruitment agency will take the entire recruitment process off your hands: screening resumes, conducting interviews, as well as selecting suitable candidates;
  • Thanks to our extensive pool of technical work talent, there is always a perfect match between you as an employer and a technician!

How does recruitment and selection of technical staff work?

Recruiting technical staff step by step

Need technicians quickly for continuity of work to be performed? WorkForce has all kinds of technicians available for you, as we operate in multiple industries. When do you knock on our door to hire workers? You do so when you are looking for technicians for industry, stielmen for installation, mechanics for automotive Or construction workers for the construction.

How this works. WorkForce lays out the steps for you below. Let's meet soon to create the ideal match!

  1. Click on 'Technician Applications'
  2. Leave your information using the web form and indicate the industry in which you need technicians;
  3. Send the web form;
  4. WorkForce will contact you quickly with your choice of direct or indirect recruitment and selection of technical staff;
  5. The best professional will go to work within your company.

Why choose WorkForce when recruiting technical staff

Engineering recruitment: all our benefits at a glance

Entrust recruitment and selection of technical staff to WorkForce? It will provide you with the following benefits. Convinced? Sign up directly at WorkForce!

  • You secure the best counselors in your search for reliable personnel;
  • WorkForce is a specialist in the technical sector;
  • Technicians are almost always immediately employable;
  • You will have continued access to a great network of technicians;
  • You save time by outsourcing the recruitment and selection of technical staff to our team.
Recruitment & Selection

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Recruitment and selection of technicians, you outsource that to our recruitment agency. Need advice? Contact one of our experts and find out what WorkForce has in store for you.

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