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Are you struggling to fill your vacant technical staff positions? Do you find it difficult to respond correctly and properly to peaks and troughs in your workload? Or perhaps you simply need skilled technicians? As a staffing agency for technical personnel, WorkForce always has the right professional on offer.

We are happy to match you with quality candidates on projects where you need reinforcement. Our technicians are quickly deployable and, thanks to their in-depth knowledge and experience, contribute to the success of your business. Not waiting any longer to hire a temporary worker? Call on our staffing agency for technical personnel and let us relieve you of a maximum burden!

Temporary employment
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What does temporary employment of technicians entail?

The necessary reinforcement for your business

Temporary employment is a good solution to anticipate busy periods in your company, but also offers an ideal solution for onboarding, in order to get to know a technician better before offering a permanent contract.

By relying on WorkForce as a staffing agency for technical personnel, you will always be in the right place! Not only can you benefit from our motivated workmen you can count on, but we also arrange everything for you! WorkForce focuses entirely on the technical segment within temporary employment and therefore supplies experts with the necessary know-how, experience and expertise. Feel free to contact with us!

Temporary employment

Why use a technical staffing agency?

Here's what a technical staffing agency will get you

Use a staffing agency for technical staff? Discover the convenience of a technical staffing agency and take contact on with WorkForce. We assure you of the following benefits:

  • You will receive direct support for finding reliable technicians for all your projects;
  • Our temp technicians are punctual at your yard or site and perform their craft with passion and enthusiasm;
  • As a technical staffing agency, WorkForce has the best professionals who can be deployed quickly to meet your operational needs;
  • As a staffing agency for the technical sector, WorkForce works exclusively with qualified and reliable interim professionals who integrate seamlessly into your organization.

Which temporary workers do you recruit through WorkForce?

How do you arrange technical staffing?

WorkForce focuses entirely on the technical industry. This means that you are always working with a real rock in his trade. We offer temporary workers in the following sectors: technicians for industry, stielmen for installation, and mechanics for automotive.

Are you operating your business in any of these industries and looking for skilled workers to support you in your operations? Call on our technical staffing agency and benefit from our careful approach. Leave your message via the website, and we will ensure a thorough and successful approach! We will show you step by step how to go about it:

  1. Click on 'Technician Applications'
  2. Leave your information using the web form and indicate the industry in which you need qualified technicians;
  3. Send the web form;
  4. WorkForce will contact you and list your requirements;
  5. We match you with the best technician(s) to ensure the continuity of your project(s).

Why choose WorkForce as a staffing agency for technical personnel

Focused and flexible work

Need to hire WorkForce technicians? Take direct telephone contact at and discuss your needs with one of our staffing consultants. We list our benefits for you:

  • We are actively recruiting technical staff for a variety of clients on a daily basis;
  • We sit down with dozens of hirers every week to discuss their technical staffing needs;
  • We take care of prompt payment and also relieve you in all other areas concerning (payroll) administration;
  • Technical temporary personnel are quickly deployable, and therefore your deadlines are not at all at risk.
Temporary employment

Need technical staffing agency?

Fill an open position with a technician from WorkForce!

Do you lack the time to look for suitable personnel yourself? Entrust this work to a technical specialist and recruit your temporary workers through WorkForce.

We are an experienced and all-round staffing agency for technical personnel and like to identify what is desirable. Then we will match you with one or more candidates. Don't put off hiring temp technicians any longer, but let us help and support you!

Are you looking for legal info? You can consult the overview of our juristic activities here. 

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