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Is your company growing at the seams and are you looking for flexible technicians to handle the increasing workload? Or are you specifically looking for a skilled industrial technician to join your team? WorkForce is your reliable outsourcing and recruitment agency  for industrial companies in need of qualified technicians.

With our experience in successfully matching and training candidates with the right companies, we offer the solution to your staffing needs. Whatever type of professional you are looking for, in our talent pool you will find driven freelance technicians ready with enthusiasm and expertise! What can WorkForce do for you?


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Our successful collaborations

Focus on your core business and select experienced top technicians

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An industrial technician is invaluable when staff downtime occurs due to illness, vacation, layoffs or when additional support is needed. Finding reliable workers is a challenge, and often you lack the time to look for them yourself. That's why you outsource the search for suitable industrial technicians to WorkForce.

Do you have enough work? Then we provide the necessary forces to continue the work and meet deadlines successfully. Request a technician now!

What work does an industrial technician perform?

Duties outsourcing industrial technicians

An industrial technician performs a variety of tasks on a daily basis. Tasks that fall under the responsibility of an industrial technician:

  • Maintenance and repair of electrical machinery and equipment;
  • Construction and installation work;
  • Installing cableways and pulling cables;
  • Detecting malfunctions in electrical installations and efficiently repairing them;

Do you need an industry recruitment specialist who can perform these tasks with precision? Staffing industry arranges easily with WorkForce. We match you with the right industrial technician. Do you have specific requirements? Visit contact with us and explain your preferences to a WorkForce staff member.

What are the benefits of industrial outsourcing?

Hiring an industrial technician for this reason

By using WorkForce for staffing industry, you enjoy attractive benefits. We list the benefits for you:

  • You select exclusively experienced and passionate industrial technicians;
  • You guarantee a smooth start and a flexible notice period;
  • You don't have to worry about finding the right professionals;
  • You will experience excellent results thanks to qualified industrial technicians.

Looking for an industrial technician? Through our outsourcing agency, we will arrange the most qualified professional for you! Get in touch with us! We are ready to answer your questions and provide non-binding information about our rates.

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Looking for enthusiastic professionals? Through WorkForce you hire industrial electriciansoperatorsmechanicsweldersmaintenance techniciansPLC TechniciansCNC techniciansrefrigeration engineers and industrial cleaners in.

In addition to industrial technicians, WorkForce also offers a wide range of skilled workers for the installation industry, the automotive sector and the construction. Need an industrial technician or other professional quickly? Contact us today contact on with WorkForce and we will help you find the right work force.

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