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STS Codrut Pilat

Codrut Pilat

Project ManagerFor us, it was crucial to have the WorkForce team on board during the middle phase of the project, given the enormous amount of tasks requested by our clients. The teams assigned to us by WorkForce were more than competent for the tasks that needed to be completed. As a result, we are very grateful to them for their invaluable support. As a project manager, I would highly recommend WorkForce as a partner without any hesitation. The quality of their services was excellent and communication between us was always perfect.
Recycling Gielen Philip Gielen

Philip Gielen

Director of Recycling GielenWe have been working with WorkForce for several months now and have been able to hire 2 of their very good employees. We will definitely continue to work together and if we need additional technical staff, we will definitely call WorkForce.

Niels Hoebers

Director LimecDue to a confluence of projects, we needed additional forces to get this organized at short notice. We came into contact with the team from Workforce and they were able to provide us with the people with the necessary experience to relieve this part of our work. In case of a breakdown, replacements were sought so that the works could be delivered on time. In the future we will definitely look back to Workforce to support our customers' projects.

Kristin Beirens

COO ConduterraGrowth and finding the right workforce go hand in hand. New times and challenges call for new and creative solutions. That is why Conduterra calls on Worforce. Workforce listens to our needs and supplies the right workers to enter into a long-term partnership with. We have a lot of work, Workforce has the resources!
S&VT Vanhaelewyn

Matthias Vanhaelewyn

Managing director S&VT VanhaelewynThe technicians at WorkForce are real tops! They deliver good work and are always motivated to keep working. I have worked with Belgian subcontractors in the past and the difference in motivation is huge. I am very satisfied with my cooperation with WorkForce.
Electrical Works Luc Bussé

Luc Bussé

Manager of Electrical Works Luc BusséVery pleasant to work with the SKB crew. Punctual on time, good and neat work.... I love that! If there may be another gap somewhere, you may definitely schedule them for me. I am immediately asking to put them back in.

Bert Verbauwhede

I have had quality technicians available to help me with my project. Always quick responses, just pleasant to work with.

Jean-Philippe Massart

I have peace of mind thanks to WorkForce, they have provided me with an experienced technician and their project managers are always there for us.

Kevin Rickaert

I'm not looking for the cheapest on the market but the best. WorkForce is a partner who is involved in day-to-day operations.
Dietrich Smet Heating Service

Dietrich Smet

Managing Director Dietrich Smet Heating Service"Thank you for the cooperation! We were helped very quickly with our last minute request, the right people were sent to us with the right capabilities and tools. We are very satisfied with the services provided. On the next occasion we would be happy to use your services again!"

Gerdy Van der Eecken

Quality & Safety Manager Isokonstrukt"Working with both the technicians, and the project managers at WorkForce is very smooth. It makes my job a lot more pleasant. Their technicians know how to communicate well and are versatile."
Koen De Coodt

Koen De Coodt

Managing DirectorI am very satisfied with my cooperation with WorkForce! The masons that are working with me know their craft. We are in a renovation project and in some cases that requires some extra finesse to get everything done right but it runs perfectly. In terms of administrative support, everything runs just as smoothly!
Vanwalleghem Wim

Wim Vanwalleghem

Managing director General Electricity Vanwalleghem WimThe works carried out by WorkForce's grinding and cutting team are very well done and within the agreed deadline. At the end of the day, the yard is always clean and they collect the waste as agreed. The administrative handling of documents and invoicing is always correct.

Jan de Klerk

Project Manager RolosanWorkForce's electrician is a real winner! He delivers everything perfectly and completely independently as discussed in our site meeting. We are very happy with our choice of WorkForce!

Toon Thijs

Project manager Bovema International NVWorkForce technicians always show their best side! They are motivated and have a good work mentality. Working with WorkForce means a simplification of my administration. They do the follow-up of their technicians so that they are always legally in order and with 1 invoice per week everything is solved.
Electricity Vrancken

Filip Vrancken

Manager Electricity VranckenBoth the grinding and cutting crew and WorkForce electricians always deliver quality work. The back office works well, the schedule is clearly communicated. Invoicing on a weekly basis goes very smoothly.
Jos Dejongh Construction Company

Nick Brosens

Technical Director Jos Dejongh Construction CompanyWorkforce's team of masons are very good masons who deliver quality work at the right pace. Workforce is well structured and communication and administration run very smoothly.
EP Techniques

Jan Van Bavel

Managing Director EP Techniques"WorkForce's technicians are the benchmark for my Belgian technicians in terms of commitment and knowledge. They always have a positive attitude and do their work with passion."
Desmet Electrical

Stephane Vervacke

Project Manager Desmet Electrical"I am very excited about working with WorkForce! With many other outsourcing companies you pay (much) more but get much less quality in return. WorkForce's technicians are perfectly capable of doing the jobs independently. They can consult the plans themselves to see where all the components need to be and, in addition, they can see where the work is. You can trust perfectly that agreements made are kept."

Kevin Rickaert

Office & Sales Administrator Ceratec"I'm not looking for the cheapest on the market but the best. WorkForce is a partner who is involved in the day-to-day operation. They communicate well about leave, training, sickness. Administratively everything is well organized and it is always pleasant working with both technicians and back office. The technicians know their jobs and have a positive attitude!"
Construction tone

Rick Joossen

Manager Bouwtoon"The men know what metsen is and that's important because that makes them immediately employable," he said.

Koen De Moor

Managing director De Moor Electronics"The technicians at WorkForce know their job and know what is expected of them. They see where the work is and leave the site clean every day. It has been a very pleasant first introduction to WorkForce for me."

Rudy Verheyden

Managing director Installation company Verheyden"For me it is crucial that they are stellar workers who really care about their work. At WorkForce, they really have a heart for their profession and listen carefully to what you ask them. That's nice working together."

Gerdy Van der Eecken

Quality & Safety Manager Polysto"Working with both the technicians, and the project managers at WorkForce is very smooth. It makes my job a lot more pleasant. Their technicians know how to communicate well and are versatile."

Jean Philippe Vassart

Maintenance Manager Elis"We are very satisfied with the cooperation with WorkForce. Not only do they have good technicians but the communication about scheduling and approval of hours is always very smooth and correct. At the end of each week worked we receive an invoice and beyond that we have nothing to worry about."

Glenn Koyen

Managing Director Elektro Bart"Working with WorkForce immediately relieved me of a lot of administration because Workforce takes care of the paperwork so I can focus more on getting the work done."

Tom Loos

Project Manager Electro Geukens"The communication is sometimes a little difficult because of the different languages but the men from WorkForce are skilled enough to get things done with few words."

Benedikt Tuytens

Managing director Elektro Tuytens"It is difficult to find good Belgian electricians and the technicians from WorkForce are good stellar technicians."

Sven Bos

Managing Director Dymotec"Working with WorkForce provides added value through the flexible deployment of their quality workforce and this according to the projects and our needs. Another strength of Workforce is their administrative organization which allows us to focus on project execution. A partnership with WorkForce gives us the opportunity to greatly expand our team of technicians in the short term as if they were our own people."

Tobe Van Rompaey

Project Leader Energyking"We had been looking for good refrigeration technicians for some time but they are hard to find. When we came to WorkForce we found a reliable long-term partner. At WorkForce they also think about education and training themselves, for example, their technicians obtained the Category 1 certificate in refrigeration. In this way, working with Workforce is a WIN-WIN-WIN. Workforce also does everything possible to take the administrative hassle out of our hands."

Ilse Loncin

Office Manager Hommema NV"WorkForce is a reliable partner because in addition to good technicians, they make sure that legally everything is perfectly taken care of. All their tradesmen are provided with the necessary documents to start working here. They also try very hard at WorkForce to meet our needs and they also take into account our feedback to serve us even better. For example, they bring their technicians to a higher level through constant training (English / BA4 / VCA / AWP...)."

Kim Jacobs

Managing director JACO"The electricians at WorkForce are fine people with a lot of experience who work very cleanly."

Joel Karremans

Managing director JK Welding"The plumbers from workforce are nice guys to work with. They have a lot of experience and good knowledge."

Daan Lambrecht

Managing Director Lambrechts Electrical Works"I am very pleased with the quick response and high productivity of WorkForce's grinding and cutting crew."

Lee - Roy Bruggenman

Managing Director of Lee Electrical"Technicians from WorkForce are good guests and experienced electricians."

Luc Brijssinck

Managing director Luc Brijssinck Bvba"I am told by my customers that the technicians work clean and fast, are polite and friendly. As a business manager, it is very important to know that my customers are satisfied. WorkForce is therefore a reliable partner for me."

Leon Roijakker

Technical Advisor MACO bvba"Working with WorkForce is a very positive and pleasant experience in a competitive landscape. WorkForce provides great support, both technical and administrative and all at the correct price."

Sarah Hansen

Training advisor at Syntra"The technicians at WorkForce are very pleasant and motivated guys who enjoy learning new skills. They know how to work and WILL work."

Dominique Verhalle

Managing Director Verhalle Electrical Solutions"Grinding and cutting work performed by WorkForce went smoothly and perfectly and everything within the agreed deadline."