Deltha Installation

HVAC specialists from Diepenbeek

About the client

Deltha designs and makes building installations. Deltha Installation breathes HVAC: think heating, cooling, ventilation and plumbing. Deltha provides air conditioning installations where design and execution go hand in hand, to work out a complete project.

The question

Deltha came to WorkForce through word-of-mouth because they were looking for electricians and plumbers to subcontract for their works. "Deltha partnered with WorkForce because we heard from several partners that they had experienced electricians and plumbers in house," says Wes Appeltans, Project Manager at Deltha.

Our solution

WorkForce facilitates both short- and long-term collaborations. Deltha needed some electricians and plumbers within 2 weeks to complete their works. After a phone call with COO Filip, the technicians were quickly placed and immediately became part of the Deltha team. "The guys from WorkForce know what they are doing and were quick to think along with the rest of our team," said Appeltans.

Wes Appeltans

"The guys at WorkForce do a great job, are thoughtful and always friendly."

Wes Appeltans, Project Manager at Deltha

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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