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Looking for an HVAC technician or a plumber HVAC? WorkForce has the very best professionals for you.

We have long been a loyal outsourcing partner For plumbing in plumbing and heating installations. For all your plumbing and plumbing jobs, find an installation specialist tailored to your needs through our agency.

We ensure that everything runs smoothly and the works are done correctly. Which plumber can we connect you to?

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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HVAC technician wanted?

WorkForce helps you find an experienced HVAC technician

Need a plumber on call right away? Get the support you need for installation and maintenance of your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) appliances. HVAC installation and maintenance perfectly regulates the heat, ventilation and air conditioning in a home or building. However, the proper installation of HVAC appliances requires an expert approach and, of course, so does the maintenance. A reliable service plumber or service technician HVAC is therefore very crucial. Fortunately, at WorkForce, you have plenty of choice from a diverse selection of plumbers / HVAC technicians. Take contact with us!


What does a plumber HVAC do?

HVAC technicians and installers from structural work to final completion

With an HVAC technician from WorkForce, you are choosing:

  • Specialization in both structural work and complete finishing of installations
  • HVAC technicians familiar with HDPE welding
  • Trouble-free connection of gas and water pipes
  • Smooth commissioning of all kinds of types of boilers and heat pumps 
  • Placing and assembling all sanitary appliances in the finishing stage, such as washbasins, toilets, showers, etc. 

Moreover, we only work with quality materials and after completion of a job, everything is left clean. Our HVAC technicians / plumbers therefore enter the site handily, with their own quality materials. In short: whatever the size of an installation job, WorkForce is happy to pair you with an expert HVAC installer. Like to know more? Ask our rates on. 


HVAC technician wanted

Why you should hire a plumber

Hiring an HVAC technician or installer is always beneficial. After all, this way you are assured of a perfect installation of your appliance. In addition, maintenance through measurement and control technology is also carefully performed. Correct installation and service provide attractive energy savings. In addition, correct and regular HVAC maintenance makes an important contribution to the comfort of any residents or your employees. All the more reason to outsource this type of work to a true professional. Our experienced HVAC technicians will be happy to help you out. That's why choose outsourcing HVAC through WorkForce. Feel free to contact with us!


WorkForce: the specialist in HVAC technician outsourcing

Plumber wanted, request a quote now!

WorkForce has the right solution for you, because we have a large network of HVAC technicians. We have already successfully completed several projects and are happy to introduce you to our service technicians HVAC. 

Need a plumber on short notice for an HVAC installation or looking for an HVAC technician to provide maintenance? Find an HVAC technician through WorkForce and request an immediate quote to. We have the right work force, including for your job. A good reason not to put it off any longer. Prefer personal contact? Contact us directly contact with us as an HVAC outsourcing partner. 

By the way, did you know that you can also come to us for experienced and motivated electricians, solar technicians, solar mechanics, refrigeration engineers and welders? Or do you rather need specialists in the construction? At WorkForce you can find a variety of profiles, such as all-round laborers construction, joiners, masons and bekisters. You have the work? We have the forces!


Our successful collaborations
Rudi Verheyden



Installation company Verheyden is located in Essen and is managed by Rudi and Frank Verheyden. The company has been a specialist in the design, installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and cooling systems since 1965. True HVAC professionals with an eye for the customer.

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Deltha Installation


Deltha designs and makes building installations. Deltha Installation breathes HVAC: think heating, cooling, ventilation and plumbing. Deltha provides air conditioning installations where design and execution go hand in hand, to work out a complete project.

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Our successful collaborations
S&VT Vanhaelewyn

Matthias Vanhaelewyn

Managing director S&VT VanhaelewynThe technicians at WorkForce are real tops! They deliver good work and are always motivated to keep working. I have worked with Belgian subcontractors in the past and the difference in motivation is huge. I am very satisfied with my cooperation with WorkForce.
Dietrich Smet Heating Service

Dietrich Smet

Managing Director Dietrich Smet Heating Service"Thank you for the cooperation! We were helped very quickly with our last minute request, the right people were sent to us with the right capabilities and tools. We are very satisfied with the services provided. On the next occasion we would be happy to use your services again!"

Rudy Verheyden

Managing director Installation company Verheyden"For me it is crucial that they are stellar workers who really care about their work. At WorkForce, they really have a heart for their profession and listen carefully to what you ask them. That's nice working together."

Joel Karremans

Managing director JK Welding"The plumbers from workforce are nice guys to work with. They have a lot of experience and good knowledge."