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Does your company operate in the solar panel industry and need extra hands to meet your client's needs? Book an outsource solar panel technician with WorkForce. 

We are a reliable outsourcing partner for installation companies and are happy to help you find a solar technician. 

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A solar technician makes a relevant contribution to a sustainable world. This is because a solar technician has technical insight and enjoys working outdoors. The solar technician is employable on any type of roof and installs or repairs systems based on solar energy. 

Our solar panel technicians assist in creating or interpreting solar panel installation plans as well as mapping out the steps of the installation and where all components will be installed. 

Do a lot of inquiries or repair requests come into your business and an additional service technician solar panels is desperately needed? Qualified solar technicians can be hired through our agency.


Solar panel technician employable on any type of roof

Duties of a solar technician

A solar technician has a diverse range of duties. What are the main tasks a solar technician performs on your behalf?

  • A solar technician installs, inspects, maintains and repairs solar panel systems, including the solar collectors, batteries, pumps, fans or support structure;
  • A solar panel service technician repairs broken solar panels or fixes malfunctions;
  • A solar panel technician makes adjustments to the meter box and performs all electrical work necessary to connect the solar system to the electrical grid, such as grounding systems, controls and all necessary tests;
  • A solar technician installs inverters, home batteries and circuit breakers;
  • A solar panel installer lays the necessary cables for installing solar panels;
  • A solar technician uses measuring instruments when performing installation or repair work.

Hiring a solar technician or service technician? Find a reliable solar technician in our pool of specialists.


Why you should hire a solar panel technician through WorkForce

The benefits of an outsourcement technician solar panels

Hiring a solar panel mechanic or solar technician through WorkForce provides immediate benefits:

  • A solar panel mechanic is available throughout Belgium;
  • You hire a service technician solar panels for a pre-arranged period of time;
  • A solar technician is reliable, keeps appointments and performs work correctly. In addition to the necessary technical skills, you can also count on attention to detail and a strong work ethic;
  • A solar technician is educated and trained by us for continuous excellent performance;
  • A service technician solar panel installer will weatherproof your solar installation in accordance with safety regulations and manufacturer specifications.

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Thanks to the use of a solar panel mechanic, you will always have the right manpower for solar panel installation and repair work. Discuss your wishes regarding a solar technician with WorkForce, because we would love to pair you with the best technician solar panels. 

In addition to a solar panel technician, you can also recruit through us, for example, a solar panel installer, electrician, refrigeration technician or welder. In short: for every vacancy in the engineering industry WorkForce offers a suitable solution. Take a quick contact with us?