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Are you urgently looking for an experienced formworker? A motivated formworker to expand your team is what you'll find at WorkForce. 

We are a reliable partner For contractors and construction companies looking for professionals. All of our professionals possess an excellent work ethic and know how to get any job done without a hitch. 

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Cease your search for a presentable bekister, because every professional you hire through WorkForce is dedicated and immediately employable. 

Shuttering, but also performing other work, a good shutterer does not turn his hands away from it. That's why you should call on the services of WorkForce. We assure you at all times of a talented professional who performs work properly. Does this pique your interest? Discuss your needs with one of our advisors.


What do our bekisters have to offer you?

The duties of a formworker

A bekister specializes in shuttering work. Work performed by this person includes:

  • Installation of formwork based on technical documentation;
  • Pouring concrete and finishing the surface;
  • Control quality and make adjustments as soon as necessary;
  • Compliance with safety regulations;
  • Formwork alignment, carpentry, shoring, assembly and joining of formwork and panels;
  • Knowledge of lead and paste techniques;
  • Installation of nets and rebar.

Expand your current team with a bekister who correctly performs the above work? Contact WorkForce!


What are advantages of outsourcing bekister?

Why choose WorkForce

Hiring an outsourcing bekister will give you benefits regardless. We outline them for you:

  • Each bekister is punctual and delivers quality work;
  • Each worker is equipped with their own equipment of the highest standard;
  • A bekister can be hired for a period you determine;
  • You do not have to search for a qualified bekister yourself, as we take care of the acquisition and the rest of the preliminary process.

Save on labor costs and only invest in a bekister for the period necessary? Thanks to WorkForce, the solution is at your fingertips! Curious about our rates? Fill in our rates form and we will call you back as soon as possible!


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Looking for a formworker who performs concrete work and other tasks accurately and independently? We will lovingly help you find a reliable skilled worker for your contractor or construction company. 

Need more professionals to make your project a success? Also check out the other profiles on the website and choose, for example, from a cabinetmaker, mason or builder. Whatever outsourcing technicians you are looking for, WorkForce has a versatile talent pool and will be happy to put you in touch with the right professional. Take a quick contact with us?