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Independent refrigeration technicians wanted for your project? Hire a skilled and experienced refrigeration technician thanks to the expertise of WorkForce. 

We have been a reliable partner For companies in the residential and industrial refrigeration engineering. WorkForce is the partner of choice when it comes to extra manpower in terms of maintenance and repair of heating, cooling and air conditioning systems.

Therefore, we have a versatile network of enthusiastic and motivated refrigeration technicians. 

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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Refrigeration technician wanted?

Residential refrigeration technician immediately available

Independent refrigeration technicians wanted who are available immediately? Don't worry, because WorkForce hires you technical staff until the job is finished. You entrust the (preventive) maintenance and repair of refrigeration and heating systems to one of our experienced refrigeration technicians. 

The knowledge of our residential refrigeration technicians is up-to-date and on top of that they have experience in HVAC, electricity and connecting techniques. So you can always be sure of excellent performance. Moreover, our refrigeration technicians usually have a certificate of competence in refrigeration technology, category 1. Want to recruit residential refrigeration technicians without worry? Discuss your needs with one of our specialists.


Independent refrigeration technicians wanted

The duties of a refrigeration technician

Our men are multi-purpose in various techniques. This ranges from industry to retail and from commercial buildings to hospitality. When independent refrigeration technicians are sought, WorkForce is happy to provide clarity on the duties of a refrigeration technician:

  • A refrigeration technician performs preventive maintenance, technical intervention and repair work on heating, cooling and air conditioning systems;
  • A residential refrigeration technician provides support for preventive maintenance programs;
  • A refrigeration technician orders replacement materials during urgent interventions;
  • A residential refrigeration technician prepares detailed reports, keeps clients informed and provides expert advice;
  • A refrigeration technician has experience in HVAC, electrical and connecting technologies;
  • A refrigeration technician adheres to safety regulations when performing the aforementioned work.

Self-employed refrigeration technicians wanted? Don't hesitate any longer, take for a residential refrigeration technician contact on with WorkForce.


Why you should hire an independent refrigeration technician

What benefits does WorkForce offer in a refrigeration technician search?

A refrigeration technician wanted for a certain period of time? When independently refrigeration technicians wanted, enlist the help of our team. This provides immediate benefits:

  • WorkForce offers the solution for a refrigeration technician wanted, because you don't have to actively search for staff yourself;
  • We like to work from a win-win situation where the technician gains experience on the shop floor through a walk-in program and you, the customer, benefit from a cost-effective solution of having a driven installer at work with you;
  • Independent refrigeration technicians wanted are ideal when you need to hire a residential refrigeration technician on a temporary basis;
  • Refrigeration technicians wanted? We assure you of specialists with the right training and years of experience;
  • Shaping a refrigeration technician wanted through WorkForce means that administratively you have nothing to worry about.

Independent refrigeration technicians wanted? The best professionals you will find in our talent pool! Ask for our rates on.


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Recruiting a residential refrigeration technician through a reliable agency? WorkForce is the company to work with for independent refrigeration technicians wanted. We are happy to match you with the best residential refrigeration technician for your job or project. 

A refrigeration technician, as well as other technicians such as electricians, welders, HVAC technicians or solar panel installers That's why you book through WorkForce. Looking for a refrigeration technician or hiring a skilled worker? Fill in the form in on the website or contact us by phone!

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Our successful collaborations

Toon Thijs

Project manager Bovema International NVWorkForce technicians always show their best side! They are motivated and have a good work mentality. Working with WorkForce means a simplification of my administration. They do the follow-up of their technicians so that they are always legally in order and with 1 invoice per week everything is solved.

Tobe Van Rompaey

Project Leader Energyking"We had been looking for good refrigeration technicians for some time but they are hard to find. When we came to WorkForce we found a reliable long-term partner. At WorkForce they also think about education and training themselves, for example, their technicians obtained the Category 1 certificate in refrigeration. In this way, working with Workforce is a WIN-WIN-WIN. Workforce also does everything possible to take the administrative hassle out of our hands."