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Looking for a joiner for timber frame construction? You can find the best interior and exterior joiners at WorkForce. 

We are a loyal partner for construction companies and contractors. Are you working on a major new construction or renovation project and short on skilled workers? Outsourcing joiners is the solution to your issue. 

WorkForce has a versatile talent pool and will gladly pair you with the right joiner. Take a quick contact with us?

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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Need to hire a timber frame joiner due to a shortage of joiners on your team? WorkForce helps you get skilled craftsmen to handle temporary absences or peak periods without a hitch. 

Do you lack the time to recruit the right joiner for your project? Outsource this job and let us take the most out of your worries. Our joiners build everything from modules to additions to houses. WorkForce joiners are also equipped with their own equipment and are extremely reliable in keeping appointments and delivering quality. Contact us today with no obligation. contact with us.


The duties of a wood frame carpenter

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A joiner engages in a variety of activities in his daily work. What can you expect from our joiners?

  • Cutting, forming and installing wood materials;
  • Building all kinds of wooden structures;
  • Manufacture of windows, doors, frames, porches, gazebos and frames;
  • Advise on replacing or renovating outdated, wooden structures;
  • Surveying and scheduling work;
  • Using woodworking tools to get the best results!

In short, you can rely on joiners to build walls of studs, sills and heads, flooring beams and boards, and making frames for roofs using ridge panels and trusses. Don't want to put off hiring a joiner any longer? WorkForce is happy to engage with you in conversation To get an understanding of your needs.


Why you choose joiners via outsourcing

What benefits does WorkForce offer?

Hiring joiners through outsourcing provides your company with attractive benefits. Why choose outsourcing?

  • Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated team, you attract knowledge and expertise in the form of experienced joiners;
  • WorkForce carpenters are meticulous in measuring and planning and also have the experience necessary to use hand and power woodworking tools safely;
  • Within your business, you are often busy with all sorts of things, which is why using WorkForce as a third-party service provider is a perfect caregiver;
  • Thanks to the continuous supply of joiners in our talent pool, your schedule and operations will not be compromised;
  • Our joiners are experienced, motivated and immediately employable.

In short: book a joiner through WorkForce and ensure adequate manpower for your construction project. Curious about our rates? Fill out our tariff form in and we will call you back!


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Good joiners take a lot of work off your hands. They are indispensable in both new construction and renovation projects. Worrying about how to attract the right craftsmen won't get you anywhere, let us help you get the best joiner. 

Besides a joiner wood frame construction, do you have more professionals need to get your jobs done? Through WorkForce you can also book a mason, bekister, builder or laborer construction. Curious about what we offer? Call or leave a message via the contact form!