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Technician installation: The flame in the piping!

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Do you need steelworkers to make a job a success or would you like to structurally strengthen your team with skilled workers? Leave the search for suitable steelworkers to WorkForce. As a reliable outsourcing and recruitment agency we have extensive experience in pairing stellar workers with businesses.

Our dedicated installer technicians or specialist complete every job with precision, leaving us satisfied clients. At WorkForce, we understand the importance of experienced stielmen and already have the right match in store for you. Which stielmen can we put you in touch with? Contact us today and discover the perfect match for your needs.


Our successful collaborations

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Our successful collaborations

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The right stielman for all kinds of work

WorkForce is bursting with enthusiastic steelworkers eager to get to work. Do you have a big job? Great, because we have the stielman for you. After a thorough screening and sometimes a training program, we will actively look for the right candidate for you.

With several successful collaborations behind us, we are happy to add you to our client base. Looking for stielmen with a passion for their craft on short notice? We will arrange it for you! Work together with the dear stielman thanks to WorkForce's approach.

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Work of a reliable stielman

Our stielmen are active in various fields. What are the main duties of a stielman?

  • Installation and maintenance of central heating systems;
  • Perform various welding operations;
  • Connecting gas and water lines;
  • Installation and assembly of sanitary appliances;
  • Renew, connect, inspect and repair residential electrical;
  • Connecting outlets, switches, lights and fuse boxes;
  • Installing air conditioners and solar panels.

Want to hire a stielman immediately for both temporary and long-term jobs? Do not hesitate and take contact on with WorkForce.

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Why it pays to hire stilesmen

By hiring stielmen through WorkForce, you enjoy attractive benefits. Why should you choose our services?

  • By unburdening you, you stay focused and concentrate on your core business;
  • We assure you of a diverse range of stielmen, each with their own expertise;
  • You always benefit from stielmen who are quickly deployable and highly motivated;
  • WorkForce uses flexible notice periods with each partnership.

Is your company going through the roof with work for a while or are you struggling with downtime due to illness? Effortlessly engage an installer-technician or another stielman via WorkForce and immediately experience the benefits we offer! Curious? Ask for our rates and find out how we can strengthen your team.

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Looking for reliable stielmen to complete jobs for clients and customers to your complete satisfaction? At WorkForce, you can arrange the best professional for your job effortlessly and quickly!

Discover our extensive selection of technicians! Choose from a diversity of professionals such as electricianssolar techniciansHVAC techniciansplumbersrefrigeration engineers and welders. We also have stielmen for the industryconstruction, and automotive sector. Want to successfully partner with our firm? Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants right away. We are ready to serve you!

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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