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Industrial cleaner: So clean it has to be seen

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We are a loyal partner for industrial companies who are looking for an industrial cleaner on a temporary or long-term basis. After all, a clean working environment contributes to the success of any business, which is why you like to hire an industrial cleaner to relieve you of this.

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An industrial cleaner is a professional who cleans at factories and other industrial companies. In industrial cleaning, an industrial cleaner usually wears special clothing. Consequently, industrial cleaning really takes care of everything in an industrial environment - from floors to equipment and machinery. Within a short period of time, everything looks sleek, tidy and clean again. 

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Job duties of an industrial cleaner

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An industrial cleaner performs all kinds of work. What is part of his or her duties?

  • Scrubbing floors and walls;
  • Cleaning of plant and machinery;
  • Cleaning production areas;
  • Applying various cleaning techniques;
  • Cleaning and disinfection of pipes.

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Here's why you should choose a WorkForce industrial cleaner

What benefits WorkForce offers you

Do you lack the time to look for an industrial cleaner yourself? Outsource the application and selection process to WorkForce and enjoy the benefits below immediately:

  • Hiring industrial cleaners prevents health problems in the workplace and also ensures compliance with applicable health standards;
  • The industrial cleaners we select are thorough and deliver consistent quality;
  • Our cleaners are equipped with in-house equipment of the best quality, are always punctual and also possess a strong work ethic with an eye for detail;
  • Our industrial cleaners can be used for both short and long periods of time;
  • Administrative processing and payroll payment are completely handled by us.

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Industrial cleaning requires the use of experienced and careful workers. WorkForce has the right professionals to take on this job for you. 

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