Technician wanted?

You have the work, we have the workers!

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Technician wanted? You have the work, we have the workers!

Technical profiles for professionals

Are you looking for a technician for the automotiveindustrialconstruction, or installation sector? Then WorkForce is the right place for you. We help you find the right technicians and take care of all the administration. As an international recruitment agency, we are committed to building long-term collaborations with our clients in order to always provide you with the right professionals.

We are a reliable partner in your search for the right candidate. Thanks to our years of experience, we are happy to match you with the right technician for your company. Leave filling your technical vacancies to our team of experienced recruiters and arrange your all-round technicians through WorkForce. In what ways can our specialists make a difference for you?



Technician wanted? WorkForce has the workers on offer! Do you need extra workers so that the deadlines of your projects and other work are not jeopardized? When looking for a technician, have you ever thought about outsourcing & secondment?

Outsourcing via WorkForce means that we pair you with reliable and experienced professionals, who can quickly start up and get to work within your company. All-round technicians with expert knowledge are therefore recruited via WorkForce!

Recruitment & Selection

Search & Select

Looking for technicians? WorkForce is the link between clients and professionals in technical bottleneck professions. We are an active staffing and recruitment agency with a large network across Western Europe, including Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

In doing so, we select only the best professionals from home and abroad. For this reason, it always pays to recruit a technician through our agency. Do you need extra staff? Don't go looking for workers yourself, but choose staffing and recruitment via WorkForce.

Temporary employment

Temporary employment

WorkForce always has the right temporary workers for your technical work. We take care of reliable mediation so that you have nothing to worry about and offer skilled workers for all kinds of work.

This way, you can not only count on the best professionals and technicians, but also benefit from a cost-effective solution.

The benefits of partnering with WorkForce

Technicians wanted - count on WorkForce!

There are good reasons to enlist the help of WorkForce when looking for a technician. Does this appeal to you and do you need labor quickly? Make use of our services and ensure you have skilled professionals with experience when looking for technicians.

  • You have access to a large talent pool of industrial workers and skilled tradesmen;
  • The availability of top technicians ensures a continuous workflow;
  • We offer you the opportunity to grow without running unnecessary risks;
  • Communication, administration and billing go smoothly.

Technicians for Industry

You have the work? We have the workers!

Maintenance without delay? Arrange all kinds of industrial professionals through our international recruitment agency. Welders, maintenance technicians, refrigeration technicians or packaging operators, we have a little bit of everything in store for you!

Industrial Electricians

Assembly and installation of industrial electrical components

Craftsmen for Installation

You have the work? We have the workers!

Need craftsmen to install air conditioners and solar panels, for example? Reliable stielmen for installation can be arranged through WorkForce.

Mechanics for Automotive

You have the work? We have the workers!

Need maintenance technicians and mechanics for your fleet? Meet our experienced and skilled auto mechanics and truck mechanics.

Construction Workforce

You have the work? We have the workers!

Need workers for the construction industry? Book professionals for your construction project easily and quickly at WorkForce.

Technician wanted?

Contact WorkForce!

Technician wanted in the sector where you run a successful business? WorkForce has the right professionals for you in the industrial, automotive, installation and construction sectors. We have been matching suitable candidates with entrepreneurs for many years. Contact one of our specialists and quickly find a service and work force that suits you. Simply contact us by phone or leave a message via the contact form. Do we hear from you soon?