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Do you urgently need electricians to successfully complete an electrical job or do you have a temporary need for extra manpower?

For an electrician wanted, turn to WorkForce. We offer you a choice of several electricians through outsourcing, recruitment or interim. For example, in addition to residential electricians, we offer industrial electricians.

This gives you plenty of opportunities to expand your team with experienced electricians. WorkForce is therefore a loyal outsourcing partner for both installation companies in residential electricity, as well as for industrial electrician in the industrial sector. What can we do for you?

Do you also want technicians without worries?

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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Electrician wanted, WorkForce offers the solution!

Electricians available immediately

Expanding your team at short notice with electricians who are at home in the world of electricity? For an electrician wanted, you can count on WorkForce as an outsourcing partner. Through our electrician staffing agency, we are happy to help you find the right skilled worker for your project or job. We offer the solution when there is an urgent need for electricians. Thanks to extensive training and many years of experience, WorkForce electricians add value to your team! Feel free to contact with us!


The duties of freelance electricians

For optimal illumination of your project

It is always beneficial to hire electricians through WorkForce, because with an electrician from WorkForce, you are choosing:

  • An electricity that is broadly trained, continuously educated and also has the necessary certificates (VCA and HW certificates);
  • An electrician who knows how to draw up electrical schematics;
  • An electrician who renews, connects, inspects and repairs electricity;
  • An experienced electrician pulling cable trays and cables;
  • A stielman who smoothly connects outlets, switches, lights and fuse boxes.

Does this get you excited? Choose reliable technician electricity thanks to WorkForce. Ask for our rates on.


Why you choose subcontracted electricians

What a good technician electricity gets you

When looking for a freelance electrician, you like to assure yourself of a specialist who works accurately and leaves the workplace tidy. What other benefits does a good technician electrician from WorkForce give you?

  • We only work with certified electricians to ensure safe working practices;
  • Electrical work is diverse, which is why there is a capable electrician to hire for every project;
  • Electrician has its own equipment that meets the highest quality standards;
  • Need an electricity technician with special qualities? WorkForce will look for you!


Outsourcing electricians wanted?

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Looking for a recruitment specialist electrician? Don't put off your project any longer, go for an electrician from WorkForce. This also applies if you are diligently looking for a industrial electrician

Within the installation industry we also have other specialists on offer such as HVAC Technicians, residential refrigeration technicians and welders. Electricians are often also employed in the construction and in that field, for example, you call on all-round workers, joiners, masons and bekisters. In short: for every expertise, WorkForce has qualified experts on offer. Take a quick contact with us?


Our successful collaborations



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Be convinced by our satisfied customers

Our successful collaborations

Jan de Klerk

Project Manager RolosanWorkForce's electrician is a real winner! He delivers everything perfectly and completely independently as discussed in our site meeting. We are very happy with our choice of WorkForce!
Electricity Vrancken

Filip Vrancken

Manager Electricity VranckenBoth the grinding and cutting crew and WorkForce electricians always deliver quality work. The back office works well, the schedule is clearly communicated. Invoicing on a weekly basis goes very smoothly.
Desmet Electrical

Stephane Vervacke

Project Manager Desmet Electrical"I am very excited about working with WorkForce! With many other outsourcing companies you pay (much) more but get much less quality in return. WorkForce's technicians are perfectly capable of doing the jobs independently. They can consult the plans themselves to see where all the components need to be and, in addition, they can see where the work is. You can trust perfectly that agreements made are kept."

Koen De Moor

Managing director De Moor Electronics"The technicians at WorkForce know their job and know what is expected of them. They see where the work is and leave the site clean every day. It has been a very pleasant first introduction to WorkForce for me."

Glenn Koyen

Managing Director Elektro Bart"Working with WorkForce immediately relieved me of a lot of administration because Workforce takes care of the paperwork so I can focus more on getting the work done."

Tom Loos

Project Manager Electro Geukens"The communication is sometimes a little difficult because of the different languages but the men from WorkForce are skilled enough to get things done with few words."

Benedikt Tuytens

Managing director Elektro Tuytens"It is difficult to find good Belgian electricians and the technicians from WorkForce are good stellar technicians."

Ilse Loncin

Office Manager Hommema NV"WorkForce is a reliable partner because in addition to good technicians, they make sure that legally everything is perfectly taken care of. All their tradesmen are provided with the necessary documents to start working here. They also try very hard at WorkForce to meet our needs and they also take into account our feedback to serve us even better. For example, they bring their technicians to a higher level through constant training (English / BA4 / VCA / AWP...)."

Kim Jacobs

Managing director JACO"The electricians at WorkForce are fine people with a lot of experience who work very cleanly."

Lee - Roy Bruggenman

Managing Director of Lee Electrical"Technicians from WorkForce are good guests and experienced electricians."

Luc Brijssinck

Managing director Luc Brijssinck Bvba"I am told by my customers that the technicians work clean and fast, are polite and friendly. As a business manager, it is very important to know that my customers are satisfied. WorkForce is therefore a reliable partner for me."

Leon Roijakker

Technical Advisor MACO bvba"Working with WorkForce is a very positive and pleasant experience in a competitive landscape. WorkForce provides great support, both technical and administrative and all at the correct price."