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Do you need a refrigeration technician? You can find a specialist in refrigeration engineering through WorkForce. 

We always have a solution for you, because we are a reliable outsourcing partner For both industrial and residential refrigeration.

Many companies are eager for skilled professionals, so are you. Do you need reliable refrigeration installers for maintenance or repair of refrigeration equipment? Contact us now! In this way, you will prevent relevant work from coming to a halt for an extended period of time.

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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Industrial refrigeration technician needed? WorkForce offers the solution!

Industrial refrigeration technicians immediately employable

Quickly need an experienced professional who knows exactly how to operate? Our refrigeration technicians are experienced in HVAC, electrical and connecting technologies. They typically hold a certificate of competency in refrigeration category 1. 

Furthermore, our refrigeration technicians are multi-deployable in different industries. For example, they operate in the world of industry, retail, commercial buildings and food. A refrigeration technician you arrange through WorkForce is also immediately deployable. So no precious time is lost and this is reflected in your turnover! So don't hesitate any longer and contact us without obligation. contact with us.


Why hire a specialist in industrial refrigeration

The duties of a refrigeration technician

A refrigeration technician engages in a variety of work in industrial refrigeration on a daily basis:

  • Performing (preventive) maintenance on heating, cooling and air conditioning systems in both buildings as industries;
  • Repair broken plant and machinery within industrial refrigeration;
  • Check for leaks and recover refrigerants;
  • Installation of new refrigeration systems;
  • Report on work performed.

Hiring an outside refrigeration technician for your business? Save yourself the inconvenience and find the right refrigeration technician thanks to industrial refrigeration technician outsourcing through WorkForce. Curious? Feel free to ask our rates on.


What benefits does a WorkForce specialist in refrigeration offer?

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Hiring a specialist for industrial refrigeration technology? WorkForce offers the solution and provides you with attractive benefits:

  • A refrigeration technician is temporary and flexible;
  • A refrigeration technician participates in various attestations within our talent pool, so you always benefit from an experienced and certified skilled worker;
  • A walk-in process is one of the options, ensuring you a cost-effective solution;
  • A refrigeration technician takes a driven approach and performs work properly;
  • WorkForce takes the recruitment and selection of professionals off your hands, saving you the work and money you need.

Enthusiastic about the above pluses? Contact us For a reliable and loyal refrigeration technician!


Industrial refrigeration technician needed?

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Need a refrigeration technician? Get the best refrigeration technicians for your industry through WorkForce. We are happy to match you with the right person. In addition to refrigeration technicians, you also hire numerous other professionals in. For example, choose from industrial mechanics, packaging operators, maintenance technicians and cleaners

Don't want to have to worry about your refrigeration plants and other machinery? Book an industrial refrigeration technician directly through WorkForce and enjoy all of our benefits. Contact us soon for a no-obligation orientation?

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Toon Thijs

Project manager Bovema International NVWorkForce technicians always show their best side! They are motivated and have a good work mentality. Working with WorkForce means a simplification of my administration. They do the follow-up of their technicians so that they are always legally in order and with 1 invoice per week everything is solved.

Tobe Van Rompaey

Project Leader Energyking"We had been looking for good refrigeration technicians for some time but they are hard to find. When we came to WorkForce we found a reliable long-term partner. At WorkForce they also think about education and training themselves, for example, their technicians obtained the Category 1 certificate in refrigeration. In this way, working with Workforce is a WIN-WIN-WIN. Workforce also does everything possible to take the administrative hassle out of our hands."