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Welders skilled in welding techniques such as TIG, electrode or semi-automatic welding

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Hire versatile welders through WorkForce!

Looking for a welder? A versatile and experienced welder for all your welding needs can be found at WorkForce.

We always offer a suitable solution, because our welders can be used for all kinds of welding jobs. Do you have a temporary shortage of welders or are you looking for a structural solution for a welder? With us you can choose from a versatile pool of welders.

Let's get together quickly meet so that your law marks are not compromised in any way.

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Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

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Any welder immediately employable

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Hiring a welder via outsourcing welding? WorkForce offers you the right solution, because we always have a good welder on offer. This has made us a reliable partner for driven welders in various industries, including the industrial and installation sector. Need welders who can perform welding work independently? A dedicated and independent welder can be hired through our welders employment agency. Take direct contact with us in your search for a suitable welder.


Welders available for all kinds of welding jobs?

Hiring your self-employed welder through WorkForce

Looking for an HVAC welder or TIG welder for electric arc welding or an expert who can get away with other welding techniques? A qualified freelance welder can be hired through WorkForce. The welders through our temporary employment agency specialize in, for example, welding pipe systems, boilers and tanks, as well as supporting structures in the metal construction sector. You can also hire welders who know everything about welding in the food industry, as well as workers who are perfectly capable of welding in the pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Would you like more information? Ask our rates to. 


What welding jobs are performed by WorkForce welders?

Complete equipment

Need a reliable welder to get your job done or successfully complete a project? By hiring a WorkForce welder, you are choosing:

  • An expert specializing in various welding techniques, such as TIG, electrode or semi-automatic welding;
  • A specialist who knows about repair and insulation work, such as replacing insulation or providing seals;
  • A qualified welder who works in full compliance with all standards and whose work is fully ready for inspections such as ultrasound, x-ray, magnetic or capillary testing; 
  • A professional who is equipped with the necessary protective equipment, such as fire-retardant clothing, safety shoes, gloves and a welding hood, and leaves the workplace tidy after the job is done;
  • A welder who has knowledge of the different types of metal and knows exactly which welding technique is applicable.

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Freelance welder wanted? Hire the best professionals through WorkForce

The right professionals for every sector

Need an independent welder who is reliable and friendly while doing your welding jobs correctly? Above all, schedule a appointment in with one of our consultants and pair the right welder with your project. 

In addition to welders, we have other professionals for occasional or structural support. For example, choose from residential electricians, HVAC Technicians, solar technicians and refrigeration engineers; specialists working primarily in the installation sector. We also have skilled workers to hire for all kinds of work in the industry. Industrial electricians, industrial mechanics or maintenance technicians, we have them all in store for you!

In short: be convinced by our satisfied customers or leave a message via the contact form. We will get back to you soon!

Be convinced by our satisfied customers

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Jean Philippe Vassart

Maintenance Manager Elis"We are very satisfied with the cooperation with WorkForce. Not only do they have good technicians but the communication about scheduling and approval of hours is always very smooth and correct. At the end of each week worked we receive an invoice and beyond that we have nothing to worry about."