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About the client

FlexIP is an expert in network cabling -and security, wireless networks and intelligent automation or home automation. Safety before all else, with an emphasis on quality and the customer's desire being paramount. That's why FlexIP has been a fixture since 1997.

The question

For an extensive home automation installation in a newly built villa, FlexIP sought an electrician with programming experience. From sound systems to automatic shutters, colored mood lights above the windows and camera security, everything had to be seamlessly connected and brought together in a user-friendly application for the resident.

Our solution

One of our men already had certificates for the home automation program FlexIP works with, but wanted to gain additional experience in it. WorkForce proposed a win-win situation: a temporary work and training program to learn the tricks of the trade.

During this training period, FlexIP pays less, leaving room for fine-tuning where needed. This proposal was very well received by the customer. Gert Molkens, manager of FlexIP testifies: "This training program is an excellent initiative. Certainly useful, and in the case of our company, also necessary at the start. Pawel from WorkForce is a good guy who knows what to do, but there is always a learning curve. Glad we don't have to pay all the learning money, I think it's definitely a correct solution."

"About the cooperation with WorkForce, I can say that it is running smoothly. The succession of project managers is correctly dosed and Pawel has quite a lot of capacities, and can develop completely with us. We "threw him into the water" the first week and he floats well, better yet, he swims: Pawel is cut from the right cloth."

Gert Molkens
We "threw Pawel in the water" the first week and he floats well, better yet, he swims: he is cut from the right cloth
Gert Molkens, Managing Director of FlexIP

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Anastasia Vihodtev

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