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Reachtruckchauffeur supply chain & logistiek

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Looking for reach truck drivers? We have the solution for you!

WorkForce has been working for years as a loyal partner in supply chain & logistics for companies.

The difference between a good reach truck driver and a bad one can mean thousands of euros in difference to your business. Our reach truck drivers know what to look for, so you can be sure that your products and equipment are treated to the highest standards and that they will meet safety requirements every day. They pride themselves on safe driving and follow the most efficient procedure for loading and unloading, communicating effectively with everyone. They also adapt to the environment and take care of your equipment.

Furthermore, our technicians are equipped with their own equipment  of the highest standard, they are punctual at your sites throughout Belgium and they have an excellent work ethic.

Do you also want technicians without worries?

Feel free to call Maïte or Agnieszka, or fill out the form to the right.
Anastasia Vihodtev

Anastasia Vihodtev

Talent scout