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In the constantly evolving Belgian labor market, many manufacturing, installation and construction companies face a huge challenge: finding qualified professionals to fill essential technical positions. Indeed, the challenging labor landscape in Belgium is characterized by bottleneck occupations, where vacancies often go unfilled due to the lack of suitable candidates. In this article you will discover the core of bottleneck occupations, the cause, the list of bottleneck occupations and how WorkForce offers the solution to fill your technical bottleneck occupations!

Bottleneck occupations significance

What does Bottleneck Occupations mean? Bottleneck occupations are occupations where employers struggle to find suitable candidates. These shortages have a major impact on several sectors in Belgium, mainly within the technical industries. From engineers to technicians and from ICT specialists to skilled workers, finding qualified personnel remains a crucial task. But what are the causes of bottleneck occupations?

Causes bottleneck occupations

Several causes play a role in the emergence of bottleneck occupations Belgium. But don't be put off and find out how WorkForce can support your company in a rapidly changing labor market. After all, we have been helping companies efficiently and quickly place experienced and qualified technicians every day for more than 6 years. 


One is rapid technological advances, which bring with them a growing demand for specialized skills. 


Add to this the impact of demographic shifts: aging populations are causing an outflow of experienced workers, while young talent cannot move in quickly enough to compensate. 


Moreover, the gap between education and the labor market contributes to this complex issue. 

List of bottleneck occupations 2023

6 of the 10 most persistent bottleneck occupations are technical positions. The acute shortages of technicians are mainly in the industrial and manufacturing sectors, and depend on 3 factors: 

  • Quantitative shortage occurs when there are too few job seekers.
  • Qualitative shortage occurs when available job seekers do not meet requirements, such as experience or insufficient knowledge.
  • Specific working conditions deter job seekers from applying such as physically demanding jobs or jobs with irregular hours.

Bottleneck occupations top 10

Last year, the bottleneck profession "nurse" was knocked off its throne by a technical position. This again confirms the growing demand for technical profiles. Curious about the bottleneck occupations list? Then read on quickly!

  1. Industrial Plant Technician: These professionals are crucial for the maintenance and repair of industrial machinery and equipment, making them essential to production processes.
  2. Nurse: With an aging population, the demand for qualified nurses is increasing, both in hospitals and in the home care industry.
  3. Cleaner in people's homes: At a time when hygiene and cleanliness are more important than ever, there is a growing demand for cleaners who can work in people's homes.
  4. Site Manager: As leaders on construction sites, site supervisors play a crucial role in coordinating construction projects and overseeing their safety and efficiency.
  5. Industrial Automation Technician: With increasing automation in industry, there is a growing need for technicians who specialize in industrial automation systems.
  6. Maintenance Mechanic: These professionals are responsible for maintaining and repairing machinery and equipment, which is essential to ensure operational continuity.
  7. Employee in Fruit Production: In the agricultural sector, there is a growing demand for skilled workers who can help grow, harvest and process fruit.
  8. Bookkeeper - Accountant: With complex tax regulations and growing businesses, there is a growing need for experienced bookkeepers and accountants to manage financial processes.
  9. Road worker: Road workers are indispensable for the maintenance and construction of roads and infrastructure, which is essential for a functioning society.
  10. Construction Calculator: As experts in cost estimating and bidding, estimators in the construction industry play a key role in keeping project budgets efficient and ensuring profitability.

How can WorkForce help?

Discover the perfect solution for your bottleneck jobs with WorkForce! As a specialized recruitment agency for technical profiles, we understand the challenges your company faces. With our extensive database of qualified professionals and our extensive network in the technical sector, we are able to find the ideal match for your company quickly and efficiently. For example, today we have over 150 English-speaking technicians in Belgium. 

Benefits of WorkForce

By partnering with WorkForce, your business can enjoy several benefits. 

  • As an international recruitment agency, WorkForce places about 700 workers every year in different technical sectors such as, for example, industry, installation, automotive or construction. 
  • Our 4 full-time recruiters in Eastern Europe will search for you the suitable profiles that match your needs and wishes and find the right match for your company. Each candidate undergoes a personal video interview with one of our professional recruiters during our thorough selection process. This ensures that you receive trained and qualified candidates. 
  • By engaging our top professional technicians, you are assured of a continuous workflow. After all, our work force is readily available and can start up quickly within your company. 

This way, you focus on your core business and leave finding the right workers to our professionals. We ensure smooth communication, efficient administration and seamless invoicing. 

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